What is franz.?

franz. is the very first international student competition in sports. It is open to student teams from all over the world and all disciplines who are passionate about developing innovative concepts that have the potential to shape the future of sports.

Who is sponsoring the competition?

franz. is part of CAMP BECKENBAUER, a year-round concept that focuses on the upcoming challenges in sports and associated areas in business, the media, and politics. With franz., CAMP BECKENBAUER aims to bring together students and tomorrow’s top decision-makers from across the globe, to create provoking and fresh ideas for the future of sports.

What are the competition prizes?

Selected teams (with all team members) will be invited to Germany to present their concept at the franz. finals, taking place in Spring 2017. All costs (travel, accommodation, meals) will be covered.

Who is on this year's franz. jury?

The jury for franz. 2017 is composed of representatives from partners of CAMP BECKENBAUER. The composition of the jury will be announced prior to the finals.

Who organizes franz.?

The competition is organized by the CAMP BECKENBAUER Competence Team from the Center for Sports and Management at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Düsseldorf.

Who will answer further questions regarding the competition?

The organizing team (info@franzideas.com) can be reached by email for any question you might have on the competition. Please also refer to the contact section.


What will be the topic of franz. 2017?

Participants are invited to choose their favorite sport or discipline. Your task is to develop an innovative idea on how to win the Chinese customer in China for this sport. You are free in the design of your approach – ideas can be implemented at any place in the sporting value chain, e.g., on the pitch, in stadium, how you interact with fans, with media, or with corporate partners keeping in mind the cultural, economic and political differences/specifics in China. Moreover, the perspective from which the Chinese customer will be targeted should be defined, e.g. a sports club or organization, a sports manufacturer or retailer, a start-up or media company etc.

Please try to be as precise as possible when defining your target segment of the Chinese consumers and create your concept based on a specific example. Make also sure that the idea has a clear and unique selling proposition and helps to expand its attractiveness, that it delivers impact that can be measured in some ways and that it is implementable.

Why has this topic been chosen?

CAMP BECKENBAUER’s vision is to shape the future of sports. Scouting and supporting the progress of innovations will be critical to succeed. The Chinese sport market is growing faster and faster. Meanwhile the interest for sports and sport-related topics rises among the Chinese population. Also sport interest by Chinese state and privately organized companies in domestic but also foreign sport activities (e.g. football club investments) has risen strongly over the last years. Considering these aspects and taking cultural, economic and political aspects into account, offers huge potential in leveraging the Chinese market.


Who can participate in franz.?

The competition is open to any undergraduate and graduate students, who are enrolled at a university when entering the competition. Teams may consist of students from different universities, degree subjects and degree courses. Teams should consist of up to four members.

I have participated in franz. before. Can I participate again?

Yes, you can participate again, as long as you are still an undergraduate or graduate student (see “Who can participate in franz.?”).

Can I participate as an individual?

No. You are asked to form a team with at least three team members. Please reach out to fellow students who may be interested to participate.

Can there be more than one team from one university?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of teams that can apply and participate from any given university.

Can students from postgraduate programs participate in franz.?

franz. is primarily targeted towards undergraduate and graduate students (M.A., M.S., MBA and other graduate programs) but we also welcome teams from postgraduate programs to apply.

Is previous knowledge in sports required?

No, the competition is open to students interested in sports who will contribute a fresh perspective on sports. Passion and enthusiasm to innovate a chosen sport are the only requirements for your participation.

For Round II, students will be given additional material to help finalize their idea. Teams who are invited to the franz. finals in Germany will receive a coaching from the WHU competence team to prepare for the finals.

Does participating in franz. impose any costs?

No, there are no costs charged for participating in franz. Travel and accomodation for finalists will be fully covered and managed by the event organizer.

What deadlines do I need to take note of?

All teams must complete their application by 20 November 2016, 11:59 pm. Teams are requested to upload a CV of each team member (one page per team member) and to include a PowerPoint presentation, consisting of a maximum10 of slides.

In Round II, which will take place from 24 November 2016 to 18 December 2016, 11:59 pm teams are asked to prepare a 2-minute video supporting their concept. Teams attending the franz. finals in Germany will be informed by end of January 2017. The finals then will be held in spring. The dates will be annouced closer to the time.