Guiding Questions

For your presentation, we ask you to provide details on the novelty, the impact and necessary implementation steps of your idea. The following guiding questions might be helpful:

General Process:

  • Who is in your team (3-4 students)?
  • What sport discipline do you chose?
  • What is your concept on how to implement this year’s topic (please put together a PowerPoint presentation of max. 10 pages)?
  • From which perspective are you targeting the Chinese customer (segment), e.g. a sports club or organization, a sports manufacturer or retailer, a start-up or media company etc.?
  • Where in the value chain will your idea have an impact?

In detail:


  • Is the idea creative and novel?
  • How does the idea create value? For whom?
  • How will you target the Chinese customer in China with your idea (differently as today)?


  • Is there any proof of concept, e.g., from the sport business or the business world outside of sports?
  • What are the effects of your approach (supported by numbers, e.g., performance improvement on the pitch, new revenue streams created by leveraging fan interaction, increased viewer figures, etc.)?
  • How will it change today’s approach for the perspective you selected?
  • What are other effects, beyond numbers, that you expect?


  • What will it cost to implement your idea?
  • How long does it take to implement the idea (please consider a reasonable time frame)?
  • What are first steps to get the idea ready for your chosen sport?
  • What are main risks? How can they be managed?
  • How will you handle the cultural, economic and political differences/specifics of the Chinese customer that might become important for the implementation?
  • How do you see the success of your idea in the long-term? What are long-term implementation steps?

In addition, you might want to take a look at the presentations of previous franz. finalists. However, please bear in mind that the overall theme were different ones:

franz. 2016:

franz. 2015: